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Posted by on Nov 22, 2016

We Want More PlayStation Titles Available on PC

More PS games on PC

Exclusivity sucks. Seeing a game you like being released exclusively on a platform you have no interest in is even worse. We all know it and we’ve all been there and we all agree on this one. When we rule out paid exclusivity and games exclusive for obvious reasons like Microsoft releasing HALO for Xbox or Sony developing Shadow of Colossus exclusively for the PlayStation we are pretty much dealing only with developers who doubt that their games would successfully sell on any platform than the one they are currently developing for.

Specifically, let’s take PlayStation to PC for example since I am familiar with the titles releasing for those systems. I’m absolutely positive when I say that pretty much every PlayStation game would do well on a PC and this is not just me saying this it’s been proven correct countless times. Latest example would probably be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. MGS is iconic PlayStation title that sticks with Sony for such a long time now and, while it was also released for GameCube and Xbox systems, it was never really present on PC.

For some reasons, Konami decided that it would be a good idea to release a PC version of the game and I believe they were not disappointed. Sales exploded and MGSV: TPP was greatly received by the PC gamers and many instantly fell in love with the game, its world and story, lovable and memorable characters. Some people I personally know, who never played any MGS game before instantly took a liking to it and became interested in the entire series, but, being PC gamers they find it hard to play the previous titles. And this is where we get to the heart of the problem. Every PS game that was released on PC through Steam or whatever platform, was a success.

Look at Dark Souls and how well it’s doing. Game was perfectly received and it did amazing job of breaking the monotony of PC titles. Similar titles like Dragon Dogma were also very successful even years after being available for PS3. Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Revengeance and other similar spectacle fighters did great on Steam and I personally sunk hundreds of hours in both of these game’s PC versions in addition to playing their PS versions! Some other games that were clearly designed for PS but are present on PC for a while, like Resident Evil series are also a great example and proof that PC masses want more than FPS and RTS titles to play.

Statistics are crystal clear. PC players like PS games very much and there’s no reason to deny them what they want. It’s a pure win-win situation and everyone is aware of that, unless the publisher is paid millions to release it exclusively for the console, which is a topic for another time. Let me know if agree with me on this one or not in the comments. Write what is your favorite PS title that you’ve been denied and what game you would like to see released on the PC. Try to keep the discussion strictly PS to PC and don’t bring any games from other consoles into discussion for there will be time for that later.

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