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Posted by on Oct 11, 2016

TEKKEN is Finally Coming to PC!


We’ve been waiting for too long, and I believe many of you will agree with this statement. It’s been way, way too long of a wait for us, PC gamers, to have a decent, different and unique fighting game on our systems but I’d say it finally paid off for we are finally getting TEKKEN on PC!

Now a lot of people might be offended with some of the facts that I’m going to mention in this article, mostly people that are fans of other fighting franchises (franchises we’re all so very familiar with), but the whole point of this article is to point out the differences between similar game genres and similar game titles in order to present you with the best summary of why TEKKEN is important for PC gamers.

 Why is Tekken 7 important for PC gaming?


First of all let’s start by saying that there has never, ever been any Tekken game released for the PC while nearly every other fighting franchise made its way to this gaming platform. While there might be a larger number of console gamers it’s important to note that they are split among themselves on way too many different consoles and it nearly every one of these systems had a Tekken game released for itself yet it somehow successfully evaded PC crowd for over two decades now so, the very fact that Tekken 7 has been announced on Steam for early 2017 is a huge deal, especially for the numerous fans of this franchise.

Being a PC gamer and a Steam user have come to notice the increase in popularity of brawlers among PC gamers. In the past couple of years we had games like Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball Z releasing for PC, games that were, to that point, unavailable for this platform, in addition to more classic releases like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat which were more or less released ever couple of years if not annually and as someone who used to play a lot of games on consoles before switching to PC gaming almost completely, I think this is a great thing and hope to see brawlers live up on PC as much is on consoles. Tekken 7 simply happens to be the latest and, for me and for many others the most important step in this.

How is Tekken Different from Other Brawlers?


Well for starters, how about the fact that a single character in this game can easily have more combos than half of or, sometimes even all of the characters from a different brawler title combined. That’s something I would say as a veteran Tekken player and big fan of the series at least. I’m sure that many of you who like and prefer other fighting games over Tekken would jump at my throat and say how it’s not true yet, a quick glance at one of the fighter from this game (data used is from an older Tekken title, the one I’m most familiar with) will give you a fair insight of what I’m talking about.

But let’s ignore that for a while and look in a more technical, gameplay side of the game. Tekken features numerous characters all with unique combat styles that were inspired by martial arts which results in every character being very distinguishable from the other. Sure, they all have punches and kicks but the way they will incorporate them into their unique combos is what defines the, and what defines you as a player of those characters. Let’s make a quick comparison to them probably to be hated for:

In Tekken, two players can play the same character, for example King. Being a wrestling inspired character he has a lot of grabs and submissions in addition to traditional wrestling moves like tackles, jumps, body pressing attacks etc.

You might choose to focus more on standard type of the attacks like punching and kicking your enemy using openings in your opponents defense to counterattack.

Other player may choose to focus on longer combos like grabs which when initiated, require a real effort and knowledge on the enemy side to break free from, and some of them, when executed perfectly will leave your opponents in a near-death state, however these are pretty hard cool off and memorize to begin with and even the most experienced players will have to concentrate when trying to execute these massive combos.

Cornering an enemy with relentless assault and using one of many 10 hit combos to put pressure on an opponent with his back up against the wall might be the desired course of action for third player and this once again something that be able to do in this game

Now let’s compare that to a Street Fighter IV, not to bash it and point out how inferior it is, no, but simply for a fact that it’s the only fighting game other than Tekken that I have played for a considerate amount of time to make the comparison between the two.

From my experience so far no matter what character you picked to play with 80% of those are going to play like one another. Ryu and Ken are basically a copy paste character, even in appearance, with only difference between them and their combo list (by combo list I mean 5 moves per character) being their super and ultra combos.

Tekken Moves

Not only that, but pretty much every single character in this game strives to be like these two “main” characters. They all have very similar moves almost to a points where it doesn’t really matter who you pick up as long as you pick up one of them they’ll all have their Hadoukens and spinning kicks and you pretty much know exactly how to play against all of them once you learn how to play against one of them which in turn also goes for playing with these characters. Once you learn the basics you know all of them.

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing, games being made simple yet enjoyable is generally a good thing, however in my honest opinion this can only give us so much. Learning curve gameplay depth are enjoyable experiences for me, and the process of mastering the character to a point where you know every move and every possible combo that you can branch from that move is a reward for itself. You get the sense of completion, progress, success you will know that your play style is unique when you are deciding for yourself which moves to combine together in a series of short custom-made combos which I feel is not present in any other brawler game other than Tekken and that is exaclt how Tekken stands out from the rest.

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