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Posted by on Sep 13, 2016

N64 Classic GoldenEye Lives Once Again



Yes, you read it correctly. The classic N64 goldeneye has been fully remade as a standalone modification for Half Life 2 source engine. For those of you for not familiar with this classic, or for those of you were not old enough to remember, me try and put it like this:

It was a predecessor off every modern day fast-paced chaotic shooter though it had a twist of his own. Being a game for N64 you were allowed to play with three of your friends simultaneously using split screen couch co-op mode which basically means that you and your friends would play the game at the same time on the same system while hanging out together in the same room. This feature alone made the game immensely popular and almost guaranteed for its success.

A couple of days ago I was introduced to GoldenEye: Source 5.0 while browsing posts on Reddit. The urge to try and play the game once more was instant and I was very surprised to see that it was completely free to download.

From what I remember about GoldenEye from back in the days, this modification does great justice to the original game. Since a lot of time has passed from when I had the last opportunity to enjoy the original title my judgment might be clouded a little bit but due to my memory being foggy but, let’s take a look at the actual gameplay anyway and compare with what I remember.

From the very first moment the game felt and looked like a remember it. Everything from the original was faithfully represented and implemented into this modification. Weapons were as many as I can remember and the models looked just like their predecessors with a little bit of HD touch applied to them. Using them was also surprisingly satisfying. Every one of those guns felt very different and seemed to be suited for specific scenario.

Assault rifles were fast and precise and allowed zooming while aiming down your site for added precision while firing an automatic shotgun from a point-blank range into your target was an entirely different kind of satisfaction. The absence of crosshair was also a godsend. While not entirely removed from the game in order to aim you would have to decrease your movement speed and traded for extra aiming ability and this is quite refreshing due to the fact that every modern first-person shooter game utilizes crosshairs framing.

Thinking of levels, they are mirror down to a pixel with a couple of extra pixels added to make the most out of source engines capabilities. All the levels combined with all the available game mods and weapon presets will undoubtedly allow for hundreds and hundreds of enjoyable game time while providing a seemingly unique experience every time you load it up.

I would recommend this modification even for those who never had the pleasure of playing the original simply if they like fast-paced first-person shooter games, and as for those veterans looking for a refreshing experience this one will, without a doubt give you a massive nostalgia boner. Consider yourselves warned!

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