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Posted by on Sep 27, 2016

Best Engine for PC Games? Is there such a thing?


First off let’s get one thing straight, I am not a game developer nor do I possess any deep, technical insight into how any of these engines are functioning. What I do possess is my experience as a gamer, so the following will be a “review” of a kind backed by a very subjective experience. The expect any techie details or performance comparison, it’s all based on my personal experience as a gamer.

So to try and answer the question, the short answer would be no, there is no such thing as the best engine. However, we usually pick what is “best” based on our personal preferences and believe it or not, when it comes to videogame engines is not that much different. Depending on what you’re looking for in a videogame you’re most likely to start favoring one engine over the others. During my long time “career” is a videogame or have come to notice a certain patterns when it comes to games developed using the same engine.

For instance, you’re looking for something flashy and stunning, you’re probably best off with the Unreal Engine. There are so many games that look absolutely stunning that were made using the Unreal Engine. The latest Devil May Cry read game comes to my mind. That game looks absolutely magnificent. It’s fluid, it has fancy graphics and natural looking animations all wrapped up in a very unique looking art style and it’s absolutely great. And the other hand, there’s quite a number of games developed using the same engine, especially lately, that are not very well optimized and/or very demanding. Let’s take Ark: Survival Evolved for example. Game is big, beautiful and full stuff for you to do but, it feels like the developers went in and simply enabled every single visual setting and cranked their intensity all the way max without even thinking. Of course this is not the case and it’s merely a comparison yet the game is still very demanding and suffers from some severe instability.

In the other hand we have “Source”. It’s twelve years old game development software that’s still popular with many developers. Source is definitely one of my favorites simply because of its unparalleled flexibility and modeling capabilities. It is clear that “Valve” was aiming for more than pretty visuals when they were developing this one yet, source still looks amazing even at 2016 and can easily produce and support visually stunning games. Source is mostly favored by the modding community for its above-mentioned flexibility and accessibility, and because of that, today we have game modes like Goldeneye: Source which will take every nostalgic N64 gamer on a joyride.


The criteria are many and this list could pointlessly go on and on without ever reaching a universal conclusion of what the best game engine as simply for the fact that they are all good what they’re doing. Some are better for visual, some support open-source development, some will allow for a ton of simple customization. Some will perform miracles in RPG games while others are built solely around the needs of FPS games. The only way you’ll know for sure is to go out there and try to monitor yourself.

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