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Posted by on Nov 22, 2016

We Want More PlayStation Titles Available on PC

More PS games on PC

Exclusivity sucks. Seeing a game you like being released exclusively on a platform you have no interest in is even worse. We all know it and we’ve all been there and we all agree on this one. When we rule out paid exclusivity and games exclusive for obvious reasons like Microsoft releasing HALO for Xbox or Sony developing Shadow of Colossus exclusively for the PlayStation we are pretty much dealing only with developers who doubt that their games would successfully sell on any platform than the one they are currently developing for.

Specifically, let’s take PlayStation to PC for example since I am familiar with the titles releasing for those systems. I’m absolutely positive when I say that pretty much every PlayStation game would do well on a PC and this is not just me saying this it’s been proven correct countless times. Latest example would probably be Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. MGS is iconic PlayStation title that sticks with Sony for such a long time now and, while it was also released for GameCube and Xbox systems, it was never really present on PC.

For some reasons, Konami decided that it would be a good idea to release a PC version of the game and I believe they were not disappointed. Sales exploded and MGSV: TPP was greatly received by the PC gamers and many instantly fell in love with the game, its world and story, lovable and memorable characters. Some people I personally know, who never played any MGS game before instantly took a liking to it and became interested in the entire series, but, being PC gamers they find it hard to play the previous titles. And this is where we get to the heart of the problem. Every PS game that was released on PC through Steam or whatever platform, was a success.

Look at Dark Souls and how well it’s doing. Game was perfectly received and it did amazing job of breaking the monotony of PC titles. Similar titles like Dragon Dogma were also very successful even years after being available for PS3. Devil May Cry, Metal Gear Revengeance and other similar spectacle fighters did great on Steam and I personally sunk hundreds of hours in both of these game’s PC versions in addition to playing their PS versions! Some other games that were clearly designed for PS but are present on PC for a while, like Resident Evil series are also a great example and proof that PC masses want more than FPS and RTS titles to play.

Statistics are crystal clear. PC players like PS games very much and there’s no reason to deny them what they want. It’s a pure win-win situation and everyone is aware of that, unless the publisher is paid millions to release it exclusively for the console, which is a topic for another time. Let me know if agree with me on this one or not in the comments. Write what is your favorite PS title that you’ve been denied and what game you would like to see released on the PC. Try to keep the discussion strictly PS to PC and don’t bring any games from other consoles into discussion for there will be time for that later.

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Posted by on Oct 17, 2016

Why I think DmC is Not a Bad Devil May Cry Game


reason why dmc is not bad


This is probably one of those posts can and will leave many people but hurt, especially those people that are diehard fan boys who find it enough that the game’s protagonist changed hair color to scorn and ridicule this entry. If you’re one of those people, you should probably stop reading now.

If you ask gamers how they feel about this game you’re going to get a lot of divided opinions. People playing Devil May Cry for the first time are most likely to love this game well people who play previous games (like I have) are most likely to dislike it, and here’s why:

  • The game changed
  • Story changed
  • Characters changed

Is this a good thing to do to franchise that has so many fans? It absolutely is not. But is this necessarily a bad thing? I said it’s not.

As somebody who played all previous games multiple times across multiple platforms and considers myself to be a fan of the series, I will say this game lived up to my expectations even though they are always pretty high for a DMC game and managed to keep me interested for a dozen playthroughs. Not only that but I feel like every aspect of this franchise has been improved with this entry.

Now hold on just for a minute and listen to what I say before throwing your tomatoes (just like you thrown when you saw Dante’s new appearance, or, just get the game yourself using a PSN code generator withouth having to worry about spending your money on something that you would not like (which may only happen if you choose to fanboy hard, honestly). Check here on how to get free PSN codes.

The story

In previous domain cry games the story is as cliché as it gets. You are a good guy on his quest to more or less save the world. You do so because some hot chick Trish, that you later come to care about for reasons not really explained, asked you to do it. What you don’t know is that she’s actually your enemy sent to manipulate and kill you.

As you play the game she eventually reveals her true face. Dante defeats her but decides to spare her life telling that he will kill her if he meets her again. Later in the game when Dante is weak and about to be killed she takes the killing blow in order to save him. This triggers strong emotional burst in our protagonist, he gets enraged obtains previously inaccessible power within them and is even more badass than he was up until that point.

Two games later were introduced to series main antagonist, Dante’s brother Virgil. Now Virgil is one of the bad guys or bad for the sake of having a bad guy in a plot. He raises this huge pillar that’s supposed to open a portal from demon’s to human’s world, from which he would gain some unimaginable power. Our protagonist, once again embarks on a quest to save the world.


If you compare this with the story of DmC, it’s not that different. However in the latest game there is an actual character development. Dante starts off as a selfless prick who doesn’t really care for anything or anybody other than himself. A girl appears on his door one morning warning him about the upcoming danger. He does not trust her but follows her out of curiosity and he leads him to a man she works for who happens to be his brother and so the two meet, setting up a stage for a story to develop further, gradually.

He learns the truth of who and what he is and founds a reason to fight the demons alongside his brother and his organization, that have subtly enslaved all of mankind. As the story progresses Dante embraces more and more of his human side, grows fond of his brother and the girl that’s helping them with their plan. At the end they have a clash of opinions which leads to clash of swords resulting separate ways for their further stories.


Not much to say about this one. Good old classic Devil May Cry stylish combat. DmC battle system feels much smoother, more fluid and equally spectacular as the ones in the previous games. However it is notably less challenging compared to any older game.

DMC games are known to be notoriously difficult and devilishly challenging, a game not for everyone, yet, I cant shake the feeling that it was as it is simple for the fact that the games were much more restrictive compared to the new one. In DMC3 you were forced to choose a weapon and a style to use for that level, in DmC you have it all at the same time. You may switch to whatever weapon you feel is the best suited for the situation at any given time and use it for the time being, while in previous games, in order to prepare adequately, you would need to play the level at least once before to know it.

On a bright side, if you’re looking for a challenge, difficulties past Nephilim like, Dante Must Die will without a doubt provide you with a sufficient amount. While not as hardcore as it predecessor, I still view it as a superior title and find it much more enjoyable to vanquish hordes of enemies in DmC’s bloody palace than in DMC3/4.




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Posted by on Oct 11, 2016

TEKKEN is Finally Coming to PC!


We’ve been waiting for too long, and I believe many of you will agree with this statement. It’s been way, way too long of a wait for us, PC gamers, to have a decent, different and unique fighting game on our systems but I’d say it finally paid off for we are finally getting TEKKEN on PC!

Now a lot of people might be offended with some of the facts that I’m going to mention in this article, mostly people that are fans of other fighting franchises (franchises we’re all so very familiar with), but the whole point of this article is to point out the differences between similar game genres and similar game titles in order to present you with the best summary of why TEKKEN is important for PC gamers.

 Why is Tekken 7 important for PC gaming?


First of all let’s start by saying that there has never, ever been any Tekken game released for the PC while nearly every other fighting franchise made its way to this gaming platform. While there might be a larger number of console gamers it’s important to note that they are split among themselves on way too many different consoles and it nearly every one of these systems had a Tekken game released for itself yet it somehow successfully evaded PC crowd for over two decades now so, the very fact that Tekken 7 has been announced on Steam for early 2017 is a huge deal, especially for the numerous fans of this franchise.

Being a PC gamer and a Steam user have come to notice the increase in popularity of brawlers among PC gamers. In the past couple of years we had games like Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball Z releasing for PC, games that were, to that point, unavailable for this platform, in addition to more classic releases like Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat which were more or less released ever couple of years if not annually and as someone who used to play a lot of games on consoles before switching to PC gaming almost completely, I think this is a great thing and hope to see brawlers live up on PC as much is on consoles. Tekken 7 simply happens to be the latest and, for me and for many others the most important step in this.

How is Tekken Different from Other Brawlers?


Well for starters, how about the fact that a single character in this game can easily have more combos than half of or, sometimes even all of the characters from a different brawler title combined. That’s something I would say as a veteran Tekken player and big fan of the series at least. I’m sure that many of you who like and prefer other fighting games over Tekken would jump at my throat and say how it’s not true yet, a quick glance at one of the fighter from this game (data used is from an older Tekken title, the one I’m most familiar with) will give you a fair insight of what I’m talking about.

But let’s ignore that for a while and look in a more technical, gameplay side of the game. Tekken features numerous characters all with unique combat styles that were inspired by martial arts which results in every character being very distinguishable from the other. Sure, they all have punches and kicks but the way they will incorporate them into their unique combos is what defines the, and what defines you as a player of those characters. Let’s make a quick comparison to them probably to be hated for:

In Tekken, two players can play the same character, for example King. Being a wrestling inspired character he has a lot of grabs and submissions in addition to traditional wrestling moves like tackles, jumps, body pressing attacks etc.

You might choose to focus more on standard type of the attacks like punching and kicking your enemy using openings in your opponents defense to counterattack.

Other player may choose to focus on longer combos like grabs which when initiated, require a real effort and knowledge on the enemy side to break free from, and some of them, when executed perfectly will leave your opponents in a near-death state, however these are pretty hard cool off and memorize to begin with and even the most experienced players will have to concentrate when trying to execute these massive combos.

Cornering an enemy with relentless assault and using one of many 10 hit combos to put pressure on an opponent with his back up against the wall might be the desired course of action for third player and this once again something that be able to do in this game

Now let’s compare that to a Street Fighter IV, not to bash it and point out how inferior it is, no, but simply for a fact that it’s the only fighting game other than Tekken that I have played for a considerate amount of time to make the comparison between the two.

From my experience so far no matter what character you picked to play with 80% of those are going to play like one another. Ryu and Ken are basically a copy paste character, even in appearance, with only difference between them and their combo list (by combo list I mean 5 moves per character) being their super and ultra combos.

Tekken Moves

Not only that, but pretty much every single character in this game strives to be like these two “main” characters. They all have very similar moves almost to a points where it doesn’t really matter who you pick up as long as you pick up one of them they’ll all have their Hadoukens and spinning kicks and you pretty much know exactly how to play against all of them once you learn how to play against one of them which in turn also goes for playing with these characters. Once you learn the basics you know all of them.

Now I’m not saying this is a bad thing, games being made simple yet enjoyable is generally a good thing, however in my honest opinion this can only give us so much. Learning curve gameplay depth are enjoyable experiences for me, and the process of mastering the character to a point where you know every move and every possible combo that you can branch from that move is a reward for itself. You get the sense of completion, progress, success you will know that your play style is unique when you are deciding for yourself which moves to combine together in a series of short custom-made combos which I feel is not present in any other brawler game other than Tekken and that is exaclt how Tekken stands out from the rest.

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Posted by on Sep 27, 2016

Best Engine for PC Games? Is there such a thing?


First off let’s get one thing straight, I am not a game developer nor do I possess any deep, technical insight into how any of these engines are functioning. What I do possess is my experience as a gamer, so the following will be a “review” of a kind backed by a very subjective experience. The expect any techie details or performance comparison, it’s all based on my personal experience as a gamer.

So to try and answer the question, the short answer would be no, there is no such thing as the best engine. However, we usually pick what is “best” based on our personal preferences and believe it or not, when it comes to videogame engines is not that much different. Depending on what you’re looking for in a videogame you’re most likely to start favoring one engine over the others. During my long time “career” is a videogame or have come to notice a certain patterns when it comes to games developed using the same engine.

For instance, you’re looking for something flashy and stunning, you’re probably best off with the Unreal Engine. There are so many games that look absolutely stunning that were made using the Unreal Engine. The latest Devil May Cry read game comes to my mind. That game looks absolutely magnificent. It’s fluid, it has fancy graphics and natural looking animations all wrapped up in a very unique looking art style and it’s absolutely great. And the other hand, there’s quite a number of games developed using the same engine, especially lately, that are not very well optimized and/or very demanding. Let’s take Ark: Survival Evolved for example. Game is big, beautiful and full stuff for you to do but, it feels like the developers went in and simply enabled every single visual setting and cranked their intensity all the way max without even thinking. Of course this is not the case and it’s merely a comparison yet the game is still very demanding and suffers from some severe instability.

In the other hand we have “Source”. It’s twelve years old game development software that’s still popular with many developers. Source is definitely one of my favorites simply because of its unparalleled flexibility and modeling capabilities. It is clear that “Valve” was aiming for more than pretty visuals when they were developing this one yet, source still looks amazing even at 2016 and can easily produce and support visually stunning games. Source is mostly favored by the modding community for its above-mentioned flexibility and accessibility, and because of that, today we have game modes like Goldeneye: Source which will take every nostalgic N64 gamer on a joyride.


The criteria are many and this list could pointlessly go on and on without ever reaching a universal conclusion of what the best game engine as simply for the fact that they are all good what they’re doing. Some are better for visual, some support open-source development, some will allow for a ton of simple customization. Some will perform miracles in RPG games while others are built solely around the needs of FPS games. The only way you’ll know for sure is to go out there and try to monitor yourself.

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Posted by on Sep 13, 2016

N64 Classic GoldenEye Lives Once Again



Yes, you read it correctly. The classic N64 goldeneye has been fully remade as a standalone modification for Half Life 2 source engine. For those of you for not familiar with this classic, or for those of you were not old enough to remember, me try and put it like this:

It was a predecessor off every modern day fast-paced chaotic shooter though it had a twist of his own. Being a game for N64 you were allowed to play with three of your friends simultaneously using split screen couch co-op mode which basically means that you and your friends would play the game at the same time on the same system while hanging out together in the same room. This feature alone made the game immensely popular and almost guaranteed for its success.

A couple of days ago I was introduced to GoldenEye: Source 5.0 while browsing posts on Reddit. The urge to try and play the game once more was instant and I was very surprised to see that it was completely free to download.

From what I remember about GoldenEye from back in the days, this modification does great justice to the original game. Since a lot of time has passed from when I had the last opportunity to enjoy the original title my judgment might be clouded a little bit but due to my memory being foggy but, let’s take a look at the actual gameplay anyway and compare with what I remember.

From the very first moment the game felt and looked like a remember it. Everything from the original was faithfully represented and implemented into this modification. Weapons were as many as I can remember and the models looked just like their predecessors with a little bit of HD touch applied to them. Using them was also surprisingly satisfying. Every one of those guns felt very different and seemed to be suited for specific scenario.

Assault rifles were fast and precise and allowed zooming while aiming down your site for added precision while firing an automatic shotgun from a point-blank range into your target was an entirely different kind of satisfaction. The absence of crosshair was also a godsend. While not entirely removed from the game in order to aim you would have to decrease your movement speed and traded for extra aiming ability and this is quite refreshing due to the fact that every modern first-person shooter game utilizes crosshairs framing.

Thinking of levels, they are mirror down to a pixel with a couple of extra pixels added to make the most out of source engines capabilities. All the levels combined with all the available game mods and weapon presets will undoubtedly allow for hundreds and hundreds of enjoyable game time while providing a seemingly unique experience every time you load it up.

I would recommend this modification even for those who never had the pleasure of playing the original simply if they like fast-paced first-person shooter games, and as for those veterans looking for a refreshing experience this one will, without a doubt give you a massive nostalgia boner. Consider yourselves warned!

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