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Hey guys!

My name is Richard Harris and I’m the guy responsible for the mess that Time and Tide is. I’m also the one you should be throwing hateful comments at if any content of this website somehow managed to offend you, and if that’s the case, please, throw everything you have in the box here. I’ll definitely take a look at it… eventually.

I am and have been for quite a long time now a passionate video gamer with a lot of pretty much useless info about this and that on my mid. This blog is a product of my shrinking mental capacity (ha-ha, you will grow old too) and ever-flowing string of mostly useless thoughts that I’ve learned to treasure for no apparent reason over the past couple of years. Therefore, Time and Tide, because, why not.

However, it wasn’t always in the poor state it is now. I used to keep it all tidy-up and maintained content relevance when I first started this and it used to be more of a “cloud for my thought” but, somewhere along the road, I realized that I can probably write a lot more on a lite wider set of topics, so, instead of writing just what I thought I should, I decided to try and see how well it would fare if I wrote something that someone other than me would potentially be interested in.  It turned out quite a “meh” to be honest.

However, I liked the feeling I was getting out of it. A strange mix of not very lasting satisfaction paired up with a pinch of completely unjustified sense of accomplishment. Now, before you judge me, take a good look at yourself and what drives you first! No hypocrites allowed!

Since you’re still here I guess you passed my hypocrisy test. Congratulations. Give yourself a pat on the back and next time someone calls you a hypocrite, you can just stand tall and show him this badge that… I haven’t made the bade yet, probably never will :/

Since this is all getting out of hand, I think I’ll just put an end to it tight here and now.